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WEBO Site SpeedUp for WordPress

WEBO Site SpeedUp for WordPress is an ideal solution for your website performance optimization. It allows you either to easily tune website load speed after all major plugins are installed, or to change configuration after adding new (or removing old) ones.

With a lot of included modules and functions WEBO Site SpeedUp integrates and exceeds functionality of many other WordPress performance-related plugins: Parallelize, W3 Total Cache, Autoptimize, JavaScript to Footer, WP Widget Cache, cSprites, Script Compressor, WP Minify, WP CSS, WP JS, CSS Compress, Head Cleaner, GZippy, 1 Blog Cacher, WP, Cache Images, CSS Cache Buster, and many others. But you don’t need to install them all – just download one perfect solution, WEBO Site SpeedUp (WordPress plugins comparison).


Average website acceleration is 2.5-3x (for example for Halfway to Concord website it was 2.8 times). And this result (due to reduced server side costs to generate pages, reduced number of HTTP requests, and static gzip applied) leads to significantly increased website uptime and its ability to handle much more visitors every day, every hour, and every second!

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I have been monitoring WEBO Site SpeedUp since last year and I believe they are growing their component very fast. Well it’s great.

drmehdi (, 2010

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