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There are several screenshots from the main WEBO Site SpeedUp pages. Download complete package.

  • WEBO Site SpeedUp administrative interface is protected with password (for native plugin WEBO Site SpeedUp installations, authorization is performed on a system level).

  • Control Panel has all key application functionality on one screen.

  • WEBO Site SpeedUp checks (and creates if it’s required) all cache files on activation.

  • Application contains few default configuration. Also you can create and tune you own one.

  • CSS files merging options.

  • JavaScript files merging options.

  • Options to minify files.

  • Options to gzip files.

  • Client side caching options.

  • .htaccess file usage options.

  • Backlink and application spot placement options.

  • Performance-related options.

  • data:URI usage options.

  • CSS Sprites usage options.

  • Server side caching options.

  • Unobtrusive JavaScript and delayed load usage options.

  • Multiple hosts (parallel downloads) usage options..

  • SYstem Status page allows you to know about all issues with server configuration and current application status.

  • System options include all cache directories and security settings.

  • Cache page contains the list of all cache files and allows you to filter through this list or refresh all files.

  • You can enter license key and personal info on the Personal Data page.

  • About page contains all info about application and useful links.

  • Image optimization allows you to reduce image size.

  • During image optimization every file is being checked and minified (if it’s possible).