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Why is website load speed so important?

Do you like queues? Your clients also don’t like them. Especially they don’t like to want in the Internet. Why does your e-store work so slowly? Request “Fast website” solution from us, and we perform website acceleration in a couple of hours. We are using worldwide-known acceleration solution – WEBO Site SpeedUp – which successfully works on several thousand of website all over the world. Also our engineers have long-time experience with website speedup, and we do our best to make your website the fastest one.

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Website load speed and search rankings

Google officially started to count website load speed for search rankings till January, 2010. Slower websites have less key visitors then their faster neighbors. Don’t lose your profit and your customers, order “Fast website” solution from WEBO Software.

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Orders number and website availability

Websites lose several hundreds of millions of visitors every day due to their unavailability. Are you sure that your website is available for your customers? Use WEBO Pulsar service to check your website uptime and possible issues with its availability. Also you can automatically test your e-store functionality over time and be sure that there will be no lost orders due to broken website.

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WEBO Site SpeedUp is the swiss army knife to boost your CMS performance in one place.

Markus Merz, Germany, 2009

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