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WEBO Enterprise SpeedoMeter

Website load speed and availability are two important parts of your client service, and you need a professional tool to audit your web performance. There is a perfect solution to get all the information you require — WEBO Enterprise SpeedoMeter. Its main purpose is to provide the most actual data about your website or group of websites: how fast is it, how often is it down or hardly available, how good is it in comparison to competitors’ resources, and what can be performed to improve the situation.

Website load speed

WEBO Enterprise SpeedoMeter includes client-side website load speed counter for all your real website visitors. Analytical data gathered from this counter forms a complete picture about any issues with client-side performance.

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Website availability

To gather website up and down statistics as well as its server-side response time WEBO Pulsar service is being used. It provides complete data about unavailability and high load (when server response time is significant) timeframes for any type of web resources.

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Competitive analysis

Tools based on complete page load time measurement of WEBO Pulsar service are being used to provide this analysis.

With such tools we can guarantee the most precise competitive comparison of web performance for the given website use cases.

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Website expert analysis

Expert evaluation from WEBO Software engineers is aimed to give you the most valuable and important information about web performance bottlenecks. With this part of WEBO Enterprise SpeedoMeter we also provide estimations about effect after such recommendations have been applied for your website.

WEBO Software has been performed speedup for hundreds of websites, and we exactly know which client-side actions must be implemented and in what order to gain the best result.

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Trust me, this is by far the best of the best of the best speed up component ever built. I have upgraded my yslow points from 58 to 93 for my homepage.

Muslim82 (JED), 2010

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