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WEBO Site SpeedUp is a complete acceleration solution for your website. Customers like fast websites, so make them pleasant. Moreover WEBO Site SpeedUp can significantly reduce traffic and CPU expenses for your website.

Happy visitors

Any 100 ms delay negatively influences conversion of your website, and thus it is countable. Stop losing your money. Integrate WEBO Site SpeedUp in a few clicks into your website and increase your revenue right now. Download this perfect solution.

Less traffic

WEBO Site SpeedUp applied a lot of proven compressing and caching techniques and sends from your website up to 98% less traffic (in text files, in images up to 94% less traffic)*. Simple actions such as gzip, or cache, or minify can’t give you such gain. Only the right combination of them all corrected to industry high standards and best practices can provide you the mentioned rate. And WEBO Site SpeedUp implements this combination. See actual results of traffic elimination.

Less CPU overhead

WEBO Site SpeedUp integrates a lot of different cache approaches to remove load from your server. This includes both client side caching (which cuts down CPU time by reduction a number of requests to serve), server side caching (easily configurable), and early flush of content (which doesn’t cache dynamic pages, but prevents ‘white screen’ in browser), etc. Also WEBO Site SpeedUp injects static gzip technique wherever possible. It eliminates CPU overhead on content gzipping.

Innovative fast cache verification technique ensures cache files integrity and doesn’t waste any additional resources.

Less time to integrate acceleration

Step-by-step interface allows you to install the application, configure it for your needs, clear cache, and monitor traffic and visitor’s time savings. ‘Express install’ loads all pre-defined configuration options and makes overall website acceleration fast and easy. You can save dozens of hours with WEBO Site SpeedUp — it just works for you! Complete installation HowTo manual helps you to get into the product easily.

Also pre-check for existent updates and extended security via protected installation mode are available.

Browsers’ support

WEBO Site SpeedUp has outstanding support both in client and server side technologies. Besides all cutting edge techniques (i.e. data:URI or deflate compression) it implements strong backward compatibility for all the other browsers through graceful degradation. If browser supports all standard approaches, its owner gets the fastest version of the website. If any stuff isn’t available, visitor gets just very fast website. All system requirements.

* Traffic reduction is caused both by data compression (up to 88% decrease for text files and up to 60% for GIF images) and caching methods (that reduce number of requests down to 15% from initial value).

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WEBO Site SpeedUp is the swiss army knife to boost your CMS performance in one place.

Markus Merz, Germany, 2009

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