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To help technical specialists with understanding the product we prepared a lot of internal documentation describing WEBO Site SpeedUp. Among these docs you can find:

Resolving issues

If you have faced with any WEBO Site SpeedUp issues please read documentation first, then read known open and closed issues. After this you can submit an issue (Google account required).

Please note: closing rate of public issues depends on the current load of our specialists (usually issue is being closed within 72 hours). If you want to prioritize your issues you need to buy any of support options and contact our managers. In this case our team will take care about any issues with WEBO Site SpeedUp integration into your server configuration as fast as possible — we guarantee any troubles resolving within 24 hours.

For paid support options please refer to corporate support description.

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Trust me, this is by far the best of the best of the best speed up component ever built. I have upgraded my yslow points from 58 to 93 for my homepage.

Muslim82 (JED), 2010

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