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Test environment

Breadcrumbs, Banners, Footer, Main Menu, Resources, Key Concepts, User Menu, Example Pages, Statistics, Login Form, Archive, Sections, Related Items, Wrapper, Feed Display, JEvents Calendar, JB FAQ, Polls, Who’s Online, Advertisement, Random Image, Syndication, Newsflash, Latest News, Popular, Top Menu, Search
Authentication (Joomla, LDAP, OpenID, GMail), Content (All Weblinks, Page Navigation, Rating, E-mail Cloaking, Code Hightlighter (GeSHi), Load Module, Pagebreak), Editor (No Editor, TinyMCE 2.0). Editor Button (Image, Pagebreak, Readmore), Search (Content, Weblinks, Contacts, Categories, Sections, Newsfeeds), System (SEF, Cache, Remember Me, Backlink), User (Joomla)
Banner, Contacts, JEvents, News Feeds, Polls, Search, Web Links

Comparison table

OptionsInitial StateCssJsCompressRokGZipperMaecia CSS/JS CacheDemo or Zero EditionStandard Edition
YSlow Grade707877?8295
JS files411?11
CSS files414?11
CSS Images111111?111
HTML Images444?44
Total size (Kb)237144146?109100
Savings (%)03938?5458
Basic Options
Installationpluginpluginplugin, component, manual configurationpluginplugin
HTML Minify / GzipGzip Only
CSS / JS Combine
CSS / JS MinifyCSS Only
CSS / JS Gzip
List of Files to Exclude
CSS / JS Combine Inside Body
Inline CSS / JS Combine
Dynamic Files Fetching
.Htaccess Usage
Proxy Cache Support
Static Gzip Support
Advanced Options
CSS Sprites
data:URI + mhtml
Multiple Hosts