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With thousands of working websites WEBO Site SpeedUp has a lot of positive feedback from happy users. Here are listed several of them.


WEBO Site SpeedUp took my sluggish photography web site and turned it into a fully optimized, fast loading site. This product is by far the best caching and optimizing software available.

Nigel Aves, Colorado, 2009

WEBO Site SpeedUp is the swiss army knife to boost your CMS performance in one place. Like with a swiss army knife you get a bundle of different tools in one. The WEBO Site SpeedUp software package is easy to install and it is easy to configure your very personal performance profile depending on hosting capabilities and personal needs. Don’t be fooled by the easy user interface! It is possible to run WEBO Site SpeedUp as a shoot & forget solution but this is not recommended. The massive stack of options requires from the webmaster to collect & inhale some MB of external know-how to master the whole package. But learning the different options can be done step by step so there is nothing to worry about.

Markus Merz, Germany, 2009

I just updated to new WEBO Site SpeedUp and it’s great! I set it to “optimal” and my pages went from grade E to B in YSlow! (with no apparent problems on frontend!)

Veronique McKay, France, 2010

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…This is a commercial plugin but it also have a free version that does quite a bit to speed up your site. It is without a doubt the most configurable and the free version allows you to do file caching, minifying/combining/compressing files and more. The commercial version gives you total control over optimizations ranging from the .htaccess tweaks listed here to various file and database caching methods….


…You would think it should blow up with 3 simultaneous themes but it works fine. Also work fine with Dave’s WordPress Live Search (ajax-powered), Ajax edit comments etc… I also found their support was good…

…I’ve just been testing every file optimizer that I could find. And this plugin does what it says, out of the box, with no surprises. It covers most every angle which trying to do with other plugins means 2-4 plugins which don’t always play well together…

…Easy to use interface for both beginners and more experienced system admin, with most of the work automated. Although initially this extension was not designed for Joomla, it integrates nicely with a pleasant friendly interface…..

…I have been monitoring WEBO Site SpeedUp since last year and I believe they are growing their component very fast.well it’s great… and you want your site load faster, so its for you….

…In all, the plugin looks good, and I’m a big fan so far – tons of features, support, and jeez, tons of documentation…

… if you’re tired of reading Wordpress optimization posts that you don’t understand or are too hard to implement, then a quick way to speedup WordPress is to install the WEBO Site SpeedUp plugin. The Wordpress WEBO Site SpeedUp Plugin provides a 1-click way to automate all clientside improvements that should significantly increase load speeds…

…WEBO Site SpeedUp is an impressive integrated package of different solutions. I am impressed about the ease of installation, configuration and the automated update feature… My test show that raw full page HTML caching is working very well in a pretty standard Textpattern installation combined with WEBO Site SpeedUp…

…Wordpress has a nice plugin called WEBO Site SpeedUp which helped me get a rating of 99 in YSlow and 97 in Page Speed…

CharlieLaw at

…I have been following this for several months, even tested this with our own code to see how this works with joomla. they have done a good job and many suggestions have been implemented. You should try it…

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WEBO Site SpeedUp is the swiss army knife to boost your CMS performance in one place.

Markus Merz, Germany, 2009

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