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Support LevelsBasicAdvancedCorporate
E-mail Support
Installation Support1 caseup to 3 casesup to 5 cases
Configuration Supportup to 3 casesup to 5 casesup to 10 cases
Load Speed Analysis
Live Support
Features by request

Attention: all support levels are valid during the year after their purchase or until all cases are spent. All support cases can be used to improve both for one website performance improvement during (one year, i.e. with website redesign or functionality changes), or to improve performance for several websites (according to the current support level cases limit).

You can also form your own support level with a unique combination of support options. Please contact us.

Support Options

1. E-mail Support

WEBO Software engineers during business time (8-18 GMT, Monday to Friday) will answer to any your question about product features, it’s technical capabilities, and possible difficulties in integration.

As the result here you will receive via email a consulting letter from WEBO Software team with comprehensive information on requested topic. Installation and configuration of WEBO Site SpeeUp by WEBO Software specialists are not included in this support option.

2. Manual Support

This support option includes manual installation any of WEBO Software products (WEBO Site SpeedUp or WEBO Server SpeedUp) to your website or server and resolving all possible installation and compatibility-related difficulties.

As the result here you will get completely installed (without any conflicts with the current website / server environment) WEBO Software product.

3. Website speed report

WEBO Software engineers can prepare a special report about your website or server acceleration ways with detailed situation analysis and list of both already applied actions and performance recommendations. This report includes comprehensive ways of website load speedup from its current state to the maximum result.

Here you will receive a report (from 5 A4 pages) about your website home page performance with a detailed list of actions about website templates, network architecture and internal structure changes. You can also order investigation for any number of internal pages for additional fee.

4. Configuration Support

The most common support option. If you are using basic support level WEBO Software engineers will tune all basic product features turnkey (optionally – with a website speed report). This guarantees significant speedup for any website.

All the other support levels will get maximum product configuration tuning to use all its features and speed your website up at maximum rate. This allows you to bring an exceptional performance to your website.

After configuration is finished you will get completely tuned and ready-to-use WEBO Software product (or a number of products).

5. Load Speed Analysis with Google Analytics

Correct WEBO Site SpeedUp tuning allows you not only to get the accelerated website but to count how much do you win with it. It is possible with Custom Events set via Google Analytics counter. Note: to use this service website speedup must be delayed at least for one week to gather information about current website loading speed. Later, when your website is accelerated, you will get good statistics to measure your profit from this.

6. Live Support

This support option expands e-mail support to 24/7 mode with personal support manager allocation (you will get its skype contact and can resolve any issues or request status for current ones in online).

7. Features by request

This option allows you to request enhancements and new features for WEBO Software products. Requested features will be implemented with higher priority than other planned enhancements.

You can purchase any of support levels in our online store

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You would think it should blow up with 3 simultaneous themes but it works fine... I also found their support was good.

cadbloke (, 2009

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