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How it works

WEBO Software has been providing website acceleration, monitoring, and reliability services for many years. We are happy to make your website faster and more available for your customers. In every case we analyze current situation carefully and then perform all acceleration actions as soon as possible. Our expertise in web performance field saves your money and your nerves. All works usually take about 2-3 days from the start to the final result.

In most of cases we use a complex web performance acceleration product — WEBO Site SpeedUp. It is usually enough to solve any performance-related issues with your website, but to reach this target it must be carefully installed and configured. WEBO Site SpeedUp supports all known types of PHP environments, except of those which source code is encoded with Zend Optimizer or IonCube.

WEBO Site SpeedUp

WEBO Site SpeedUp incorporates the widest range of innovative techniques and working methods to solve all possible website performance issues. Its features include but not limited with: gzip compression for any server or client-side environment; smart browser and server caching for static and dynamic objects; images’ merging and shrinking without any quality loss and much more. See all the product benefits.

CMS support

WEBO Software engineers have unique experience taken from dozens of performance optimization works with different CMS including WordPress, Joomla!, CS-Cart, Magento, Bitrix and many more. We also work with less-known or hand-made website content management systems. Please contact us to get more details about website acceleration in your case.

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I've just been testing every file optimizer that I could find. And this plugin does what it says, out of the box, with no surprises.

Daiv (, 2010

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