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Primary website acceleration

Website load speed significantly matters if your clients visit your website only once. Only this factor can either attract your visitors to return, or make them filling upset. Turn-key website speedup service is aimed to minify the time for your clients to load the website at maximum. And they can read about your company, your products and solutions or send a request as soon as it is possible.

Secondary website acceleration

Fast website is confident for users, and they tend to use it again and again for future visits. Turn-key website speedup improves both the first website view and all the secondary ones. By the “smart” client and server-side caching technologies your website becomes faster at every client’s visit, and the time to load your website is reduced once and forever.

Less server-side expenses

“Smart” multi-level server-side caching with turn-key website speedup service allows us to guarantee less load (and probably less cost) for your hosting environment where your e-store is located. If you have any difficulties with server-side load and/or server-side load is too huge and overcomes your current capacity – turn-key website speedup is the right service to solve all these troubles.

Greater brand value

According to numerous researches website load speed influents physiological website feeling, and in case of faster website people feel themselves confident about their choice of your company (through the website). Company’s website is the first point which is accessible through the Internet about your brand. Faster website creates better brand awareness; it helps the whole online marketing set of actions. If you are using any professional online activity tracking tools (i.e. Google Analytics or Omniture) you will see how visitors’ loyalty has been increased after website acceleration is performed. And you can re-calculate this result in real money.

Higher search engine rankings

Google counts website load time (through Google Toolbar) for website rankings in search results and shows actual time value in Google Webmasters service. Faster websites get up to 20% more target visitors from search engines. Moreover the lesser server response time allows you to get more pages indexed with search engines (and therefore higher website page rank and more visibility in all search engines with more website pages crawled by robots). “Fast website” includes both client and server-side performance optimization features. This tremendous set of technologies gives you more stable results in search engine optimization and more visitors from search results.

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You would think it should blow up with 3 simultaneous themes but it works fine... I also found their support was good.

cadbloke (, 2009

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