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Website load speed was remarkably increased, and this makes happy both website visitors and editors.

Web portal about health, «Be healthy» ( was launched in spring, 2010. Right after its launch there was decided to speed the website up to make it ready for high traffic and public visitors. This way not only server resources usage should be optimized, but also visitors loyalty increased. Website audience at most consists of megacity residents, and they are accustomed to high website load speed. Therefore there must be applied exceptional measures to increase website quality.

Web portal uses a lot of external widgets (from social networks and Google), so its load speed depends a little from the current CMS (Joomla!) and VPS hosting. To improve the situation there was necessary to use only client side technologies acceleration, and it was the finest hour for WEBO Site SpeedUp.

Unobtrusive JavaScript (delayed loading) modules usage significantly improved current website load speed value (Google Webmasters data showed 2x speedup). And by the web portal management team, “website load speed was remarkably increased, and this makes happy both website visitors and editors.”

You must follow rough technological criteria and quality standards to make website working at maximum. And website load and interaction speed is crucial at this point of view (especially to fit audience expectations). Fast websites not only consume less server resources (CPU and I/O) per visitor, but also provide more comfortable pages surfing and information mining.

WEBO Site SpeedUp, being a complex solution to speed the website up both on server and client sides, allows you to apply tremendous set of technologies easily for your website and combine them on demand. Superior results of application work are proven by thousands of accelerated websites and a lot of satisfied users.

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Trust me, this is by far the best of the best of the best speed up component ever built. I have upgraded my yslow points from 58 to 93 for my homepage.

Muslim82 (JED), 2010

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