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WEBO Software has a deep and comprehensive expertise in performance tuning of websites. This is manifested in the work at CMS level, infrastructure, web server, for example, PHP, Apache and specific tools for performance enhancement, and on the OS level itself. So optimization of all relevant factors.

According to Patrick, online store owner, immediately after starting the store facing significant challenges in performance due to the use of Joomla! as a content management system and a large number of extensions to it. In order to increase conversions, reduce the percentage of failures and usage of server capacity (site is located on the VPS), it was decided to use a performance optimization. In particular, the choice was for the company and product WEBO Software WEBO Site SpeedUp.

For about 2 weeks the product was installed on the site and fully debugged, optional caching module for e-store basket was connected. All this is immediately affected by a significant increase in profitability of the store. According to Google Analytics, there was achieved 12% increase in the number of page views and 10% – in the time spent by users on the website. Also, the bounce rate has decreased by 14%. With regard to commercial rates, they are also much improved. Particularly revenue per visitor increased by 10% and by 2% increased conversion (computed with website events).

According to Patrick, while working to accelerate the website took longer than expected a few, but he was very pleased with the result. Loading time was reduced by 1.6x, also decreased the bounce rate. In the course of the work website was prepared for further growth, even at worldwide audience with the CDN deployed. Patrick also notes that the level of technical support was very high, and all problems with the website were solved as soon as possible.

Speed is not always worth the big money, as in the case – when the audience of the site is experienced technically and it is so loyal to the fast sites. However, as the practice of WEBO Software, for online retailers of clothing and household equipment, sites, tourist operators and large portals seconds while users are waiting for website load lead to a significant loss in revenue. And these losses can easily be calculated, and most importantly, they can be eliminated in a few days. This is the main mission of WEBO Software Company – help businesses on the Internet by optimizing the performance of their heart, their website.

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In all, the plugin looks good, and I'm a big fan so far – tons of features, support, and jeez, tons of documentation.

Michael, Vietnam, 2010

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